The American Ruse

Some say I'm an advocate of Lucifer,
Some say I'm a child of God

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Take from me my silver dollar hat
Let it shine
On your head

Take from me my silver dollar hat
Let it bring
You to the ground

"You know the curve of your hand in the hand of someone more important to you than anybody? That’s the spirals of the galaxy locked in one another. You know the curve of your hand when the other hand is gone and you’re trying to remember how it felt? There is no other curve like that."

-Nova, Samuel R. Delaney

Spiritualized - Don’t Just Do Something

I get me all confused
And the reasons why
Are confusing too

GANDAHAR/LIGHT YEARS - great animated film originally from France, 1988

You got to walk through the fire and fear
And say I’m here 
Now come and get it

Go Go Darkness - Daggers

"In the stars that hang above/In the evil land of Love/I’ll be running back to you to live and die"

The Flaming Lips - Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon

Makes me happy that someone took the time to make such a fantastic video for this song.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Bloodstream Sermon

Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised (full album)

Wonderful psychedelic dronescapes from Peter Kember/Sonic Boom, formerly of Spacemen 3.